At Isabella Grace Cosmetics, we want to bring beauty and grace to your skincare and beauty routine.  

Meet Julie. Born and raised in Connecticut, Julie worked in the cosmetics industry for more than 20 years while raising her family. After being retired for a few years, Julie wanted to get back to what she enjoyed doing while supporting causes that were close to her heart. It was important that all products benefited the skin.

Understanding that not every ingredient labeled “natural” is good for the skin and not everything labeled synthetic is bad, we formulated our first handcrafted lipstick collection. We believe that beauty is never perfected, and creating it is very personal to us. We are constantly evolving, developing, and testing out new products with good-for-you ingredients that are 100% cruelty-free.

While thinking of a name for the company the only name that felt right was Julie’s only granddaughter, Isabella Grace. We also call her Bella which means beautiful, and we want everyone to feel beautiful no matter what. Lipstick that has great ingredients and looks great on you can make all the difference on how you feel.

Giving back is also important, this is why we donate 100% of our profits to charity.